180 Institute

Dr. Mirella Stroink and Dr. Connie Nelson are embarking on a social enterprise to provide workshops and resources to fundamentally shift how leaders think, helping organizations and businesses become more connected, innovative, and resilient .

Connie and Mirella have been sharing a journey through complexity science since 2010, when a conversation about teaching, learning and community resilience culminated in a joint presentation at the Resilience 2011 conference, an international gathering of scholars in complexity. Since then, both have brought the framework of complex adaptive systems theory and innovation to their research, teaching, community and organizational development work. They have written 5 papers applying complex adaptive systems theory to community issues, and have presented the ideas at several conferences. Both are deeply involved with the Food Security Research Network, which bases its approach and organization on complexity principles, and they have co-facilitated a university seminar on complexity science for 3 years. Mirella is an associate professor of social and community psychology at Lakehead University. Connie is a professor of social work at Lakehead University, with a background in organizational behaviour.

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